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About The Division

Petroliana, automobilia, unique memorabilia and antique neon signs make up just some of the array of offerings of Mecum's Road Art division.  Featuring record book sales and events dedicated entirely to investment-grade pieces, Mecum Road Art is the industry standard.

A staple at virtually every Mecum auction is a wide selection of Road Art®. A signature term developed, trademarked and used exclusively by Mecum, Road Art is an all-encompassing segment of the collector market that includes any artistic or collectible memorabilia type of item that one might use to decorate their garage, barn, museum space, or even their own home, and often these items have ties to an automotive culture long past.

Referred to by some as petroliana or automobilia, Road Art often consists of things like vintage gas pumps, old advertisements including dealership neon signs and promotional tin signs; items like rare vintage oil cans, garage or farm tools and implements; even toys like pedal cars and die cast models. Most often, Mecum offers these memorabilia items at its collector car auctions to complement and enhance the offering of the vehicles; the same is true for motorcycle and tractor auctions. Nonetheless, this segment of collector items is strong on its own, and Mecum has even held standalone Road Art auctions with great success.

Because so many individuals collect vehicles for nostalgic reasons—to immerse themselves in an era of long ago—Road Art is essentially a must to complete any collector’s display and fully achieve the goal of taking viewers a step back in time. As with all of Mecum’s departments, Road Art includes items of the entry-level variety all the way up through investment-grade, so whether you are just beginning to build your collection, or adding in the final crowning pieces, Mecum auctions are the place to find it all.